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Impress your new boss

Impress your new boss

Did you believe the employment interview was the hardest moment in your career? But what can be done when the old director is replaced by a new one?First, it is extremely important to find out lots more about your new chief : his work style, his prior experience and his expectancies. But take pains not to believe any info, but to choose some snatches that will help you at your first meeting. If you know what the things which truly matters for him are, it is going to be simpler for the two of you to get along.

The great meeting :

Without a flattering tone, welcome your new chief in the company and guarantee him of the team's support. ( Not yours ) Most likely he is going to want to switch some things, but it is advised to allow him ask, not to be you the person who tells him how things work.

Being the 1st meeting with the new supervisor, you need to think about your outfit, beginning with exquisite garments and a fair make up and terminating with the perfume. Be certain that you have a fresh breath. Don't disregard the office where you're employed.A desk full of documents prepared in a handy way indicates to your boss that you are an arranged worker and he will be able to rely on you.

Don't comment anything about your last director, whatever were his reasons for leaving. You have managed well the 1st meeting between you and your new supervisor, but the hard part is just starting : you have to show to your new chief that your attitude from the 1st day was not merely a mask. Without praising yourself, mention some words about your previous accomplishments expose your ideas , attempt to look efficient.

Do not get concerned into a project that you can not manage well. It is better to take easy jobs, besides the difficult ones. Therefore , you may know definitely that everything will be all right. Your great opportunity is to take part to a project refused by others, but only if it's not fully unknown to you. Don't act by yourself inform your manager about what you are going to do and do not ignore him- regardless of if you've got a closed relation with other managers of the same rank.