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China Trade deficit Minnesota suffered most

China Trade deficit Minnesota suffered most

Minnesota ranks 6th in the country re job losses due to the trade deficit between the U. S. and China, according to the Industrial Policy Institute, a liberal working party, and the coalition for American Producing , a joint lobbying effort of work and producing industries. In a report last week, the 2 groups noted the PC, electronic clobber and parts industries are most influenced by the trade hole.

The report announces that Minnesota has lost 58,800 roles since 2001 because the Chinese govt engages in currency manipulation . Minnesota ranks 6th in job losses as a share of total work, following New Hampshire, North Carolina, Massachusetts, California and Oregon.

These observations document what we've been saying for some time, declared AAM Executive Director Scott Paul in a press release last week. China is undercutting the competitiveness of our makers and undermining the earning power of American employees by customarily failing to praise its worldwide and bilateral commitments.

The EPI report ranked congressional districts by roles lost. 3 of Minnesota's Congressional districts ranked in the top fifty : Rep. John Kline's district ranked 22nd, Rep. Tim Walz' district was 26th, and Rep. Erik Paulsen's was 31st. China's cheating is causing America to lose more than simply the capacity to make widgets in the one-sided trade agreements with China, declared AAM's Paul. Complex electronics and high technology products that in the past were made in the US are increasingly being made in China instead. We are losing more of these good jobs..